Vancouver Eats.

On my first full day in Vancouver I woke up early and decided that I will check out Café Medina! Celeste, had noted to go there hungry! But I was up at 6 AM, needed coffee and I was so hungry. Medina didn't open till 8 AM. So against my better judgement, I had a... Continue Reading →

Still Hungry in Vancouver.

Vancouver Day 2. I must be jet lagged. I woke up at 6 AM again. It was raining out and I decided that I was gonna go to Granville Island. I considered my choices for breakfast. Part of me wanted to check out Wildebeest but they only did weekend brunch. I thought about Nelson the Seagull... Continue Reading →

I’m Hungry, Vancouver!!!

Next stop: VANCOUVER! From what I heard, Vancouver has a lot of good restaurants. I spent the last year or so listening to Celeste (Raymonds' pastry chef -- queen of the apple cake dessert) about Vancouver. Whenever she flew home, she came back with tales of dim sum, pho and everything else that she ate.... Continue Reading →

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