Eats More Fun In The Philippines!

After 5 long years of going everywhere else but, I finally went home.  And what is home without family, friends and food? Absolutely nothing. To say that I ate like there is no tomorrow is an understatement. It was all I thought about. I planned my days on my meals and what I want to... Continue Reading →

Drive Victoria.

  I love mini cities. You know those cities which are almost as quaint as Cape Cod but it's not dizzyingly huge like New York City or Manila. I love them. I love how everything is at your fingertips but you can still find a place tucked somewhere for some peace and quiet. And I... Continue Reading →

Still Hungry in Vancouver.

Vancouver Day 2. I must be jet lagged. I woke up at 6 AM again. It was raining out and I decided that I was gonna go to Granville Island. I considered my choices for breakfast. Part of me wanted to check out Wildebeest but they only did weekend brunch. I thought about Nelson the Seagull... Continue Reading →

I’m Hungry, Vancouver!!!

Next stop: VANCOUVER! From what I heard, Vancouver has a lot of good restaurants. I spent the last year or so listening to Celeste (Raymonds' pastry chef -- queen of the apple cake dessert) about Vancouver. Whenever she flew home, she came back with tales of dim sum, pho and everything else that she ate.... Continue Reading →

Leaving St. John’s

Before I set out for an adventure, I have to leave something, someone and someplace behind. I guess you can call this my St. John's, thank you for the fruitful four years, where I learned so much as a chef, learned to become more patient (and still working on it), learned a little about handling... Continue Reading →

The Great West Coast Adventure!

It seems like forever ago since I "bumped" this blog. I am so sorry. Life happened. I suppose a year and a half later seems too late to write about those macarons, crêpe and gelato that I feasted on during my Parisienne and Roman holidays. So you know, let's move on. One of the perks... Continue Reading →

Le Dauphin

My trip to Paris would not be complete if I did not at least have an epic meal. But really, seriously speaking everything I ate while I was there was pretty freakin' epic, except for the pizza and pasta at the outlet store food court that we had the first night we were there. My... Continue Reading →

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