Vegan Molé

If you are following me on Instagram, chances are you've noticed that I have been making a bunch of vegan dishes and sausages (made from pork, definitely not vegan - LOL). It seems like a bit of a contradiction, but it comes with the job. Working at the local organic and health store, we offer... Continue Reading →

Experiments: Cornmeal Macarons

In my quest to make nut-free macarons, I found a recipe that uses cornmeal instead of ground almonds! And after two more failed attempts -- they were really bad, at the white chocolate macarons I decided to give the cornmeal macarons a go. I used masa harina for my cornmeal, I found it was very close... Continue Reading →

Tuxedo Cheesecake

This is the long overdue Tuxedo Cheesecake post I talked about in the previous post. I'm sorry it's late. I became preoccupied with the restaurant and nearly having a serious burn out. Anyway, I still love cooking and will continue doing it, even out of my basement (which I don't have). If you have ever... Continue Reading →

Thank You Supper.

Last June 1st, I finally moved into a house with a roommate. And while I could've done the moving all by myself, I was lucky enough to get a hand from my awesome guy. HAHA So to thank him, I made him supper. I also indulged myself by breaking my half-year pork fast, by making... Continue Reading →

Turkey Chili

In an effort to start living healthier, I have taken upon the challenge of taking some of my favorite foods and making them healthier and better for me. And because I like to share. Here's my take on some good ol' chili! Ingredients 450 g extra lean turkey, ground 540 ml can black beans, drained... Continue Reading →

Busy, Busy Day!!!

When I was a kid I had been a picky eater. It was only when I started going to culinary school that I started eating different vegetables, meat, sweets, etc. And now, I'm a full-blown foodie, and a snob at that. LOL The past years working in the kitchen, seeing different food and ingredients, I... Continue Reading →


Christmas in the Philippines is a journey. Christmas doesn't only mean braving the packed malls and holiday traffic jam to shop for presents for oneself and the family. The Philippines being the only Catholic country in Asia, (it is so, because it has the highest population of Catholics in the region) Christmas also means attending... Continue Reading →

Stout “Tiramisu”

I got assigned to make dessert that will be auctioned off. Having just eaten a Tiramisu, I thought about making one for the assignment. But, it was supposed to represent the restaurant. I wanted to feature our beers and so in a stroke of inspiration scoped the internet for recipes and after some tweaking, here... Continue Reading →

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