I’m Hungry, Vancouver!!!

Next stop: VANCOUVER! From what I heard, Vancouver has a lot of good restaurants. I spent the last year or so listening to Celeste (Raymonds' pastry chef -- queen of the apple cake dessert) about Vancouver. Whenever she flew home, she came back with tales of dim sum, pho and everything else that she ate.... Continue Reading →

Leaving St. John’s

Before I set out for an adventure, I have to leave something, someone and someplace behind. I guess you can call this my farewell...to St. John's, thank you for the fruitful four years, where I learned so much as a chef, learned to become more patient (and still working on it), learned a little about handling... Continue Reading →

The Great West Coast Adventure!

It seems like forever ago since I "bumped" this blog. I am so sorry. Life happened. I suppose a year and a half later seems too late to write about those macarons, crêpe and gelato that I feasted on during my Parisienne and Roman holidays. So you know, let's move on. One of the perks... Continue Reading →

Le Dauphin

My trip to Paris would not be complete if I did not at least have an epic meal. But really, seriously speaking everything I ate while I was there was pretty freakin' epic, except for the pizza and pasta at the outlet store food court that we had the first night we were there. My... Continue Reading →

Oh My Montreal!!!

Last year, I was fortunate enough to have been able to fly out to Montreal for Osheaga. It was the first time I had ever gone anywhere in Canada. It was love at first sight for me and Montreal. I even said that if it wasn't for the company and the job I had when... Continue Reading →

Dinner For Levi.

On September 22, My chef rallied the BluntRoll Syndicate for a charity dinner at the restaurant for his charity the Janeway Hospital. It was an 8 course dinner, with each course prepared by each chef using local Newfoundland ingredients. It was my absolute pleasure to have been able to join the team of Raymond's in general,... Continue Reading →

Tuxedo Cheesecake

This is the long overdue Tuxedo Cheesecake post I talked about in the previous post. I'm sorry it's late. I became preoccupied with the restaurant and nearly having a serious burn out. Anyway, I still love cooking and will continue doing it, even out of my basement (which I don't have). If you have ever... Continue Reading →

Thank You Supper.

Last June 1st, I finally moved into a house with a roommate. And while I could've done the moving all by myself, I was lucky enough to get a hand from my awesome guy. HAHA So to thank him, I made him supper. I also indulged myself by breaking my half-year pork fast, by making... Continue Reading →

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