Still Hungry in Vancouver.

Vancouver Day 2.

I must be jet lagged. I woke up at 6 AM again. It was raining out and I decided that I was gonna go to Granville Island. I considered my choices for breakfast. Part of me wanted to check out Wildebeest but they only did weekend brunch. I thought about Nelson the Seagull but it was the opposite way from where I was supposed to catch the bus to Granville. And so I ended up at Medina, which was not bad because I REALLY, REALLY wanted to have the waffles. Yum.

I hopped off the last stop of the bus which was a short walk from Granville Island. I passed the culinary school, great location from Granville Market! As I entered Granville, I found the Granville Brewing Co., which was still closed. And I walked further to go to the market.

Granville Market has almost everything you could want. Fresh fruits and vegetables — most of them local and organic, cheese mongers, cured meats — some were made locally, food stalls, bakeries, coffee. Its like the weekend Farmer’s market, only it was there everyday. But I couldn’t find anything I wanted to eat. Except for the macarons. But I haven’t really met a macaron I didn’t like. I was going to wait for the brewery to open but I was also getting hungry and my leg was bothering me. I knew there was Filipino restaurant nearby, and I wanted to have some of the food that I have eaten most of my life. I do not really cook at home when I am by myself, except for the breakfast of eggs and toast. Back in St. John’s when I wanted Filipino food, I usually head over to my friend’s house on Cabot St. LOL So I knew that I will not be having adobo or lumpia, anytime soon. I really have to make an effort of it when I get to Tofino.

I hopped on a cab to go to Goldilocks, which is part of a chain back home. As a child, I used to ask my mother to buy my favourite Pastillas de Leche — milk bonbons or Sylvanas — buttery pastry, from them. The food is nothing fancy, it’s Sinigang na Baboy — Pork Tamarind Broth Soup, the Filipino version of Chicken Bbq and of course, Rice. I sat and ate, for dessert I had Taho – bean curd with tapioca pearls and burnt sugar syrup. I wanted to go back to Granville for the brewery but at the same time, I wanted to go to Bao Bei and hit up another brewery or something, so I didn’t. I went back to the Gastown and walked around and checked out the shops. I found another brewery near Bao Bei called Postmark Brewing. The beers they had were more on the bitters side. I did not finish most of them. Of course I had only finished the Saison and the Dunkel Bock. Those who are fond of hoppier beers will probably like their beers more. I was also hungry, from all that walking.

I have a dilemma. I am hungry, yet it’s almost time for Bao Bei. But if I don’t eat with my beers, I will be drunk. Lucky for me the building Postmark is in has a restaurant. The Settlement Building has three brands under their roof. Belgard Kitchen, Postmark Brewing Co and Vancouver Urban Winery, to be honest I could have also gone for a wine tasting if I didn’t know that I will go down in a snap if I did. HAHA The service there was not the best. After I looked at the menu, it me half an hour to get my bartender’s attention so I could order. There were three other servers (?) at the bar and they were mostly on their phones, or chatting that they didn’t really notice that I was trying to get their attention. I ordered the Charcuterie Board which included some sausages flavoured by the beer, other local charcuterie, local cheese and an assortment of pickles. It was not bad. The sausages were tasty. And the pickles were good, well-balanced acidity and sweetness. I lingered for a bit at the brewery and I decided to walk to Bao Bei. I know, its pretty insane that I am going to eat again. HAHA I can’t help it.

Overall, my visit to Vancouver was short even if writing about it seems too long. This is why I decided that the Vancouver leg of this journey has to be broken in to two parts. There is just too much to say in just one post. I also decided to feature Medina, L’Abattoir and Bao Bei separately. I can’t wait to go back, or even move there a few years down the line! I really enjoyed the vibe at Gastown. The weather is nice and temperate. It can be a little wet, so it is best to always have an umbrella handy. There’s a lot of good restaurants, breweries, stores and the culture is rich. There is so much to choose from. And best of all, it’s near the water.

Goldilocks Vancouver 2833 Main St, Vancouver, BC V5T 3G1 (604) 876-2464

Granville Island Market

Postmark Brewing, The Settlement Building, 55 Dunlevy Ave, Vancouver, BC V6A 1G7 (604) 699-1988

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