The Great West Coast Adventure!

It seems like forever ago since I “bumped” this blog. I am so sorry. Life happened. I suppose a year and a half later seems too late to write about those macarons, crêpe and gelato that I feasted on during my Parisienne and Roman holidays. So you know, let’s move on.

One of the perks of being a chef is that this profession is so mobile. You can go anywhere with your knife bag and cook. Along the way, I can guarantee that you will learn a lot. One of the best advice that I read from seasoned chef, author, food and travel guru, Anthony Bourdain is to travel. And while I enjoyed the four years that I stayed in St. John’s, it was time for me to spread my wings in search for adventures and new experiences. So from the most easterly point of North America, I moved to Tofino — the most westerly part of North America, also known as the end of the road.

Some of my friends have asked: Why do you go to the most remote places?! First of all, St. John’s was not remote. It is a city. Sure, its expensive to fly in and out of the city not to mention having to back track to Toronto, Montreal or where ever to connect when flying to some places in Europe, which doesn’t make sense because Paris is nearer to St. John’s. Although nowadays Air Canada flies direct to Heathrow. It’s an island, which means most goods are expensive and in case of unfavorable weather you can expect a shortage of supplies — vegetables, fish, groceries. Everything gets shipped or flown in.

Tofino, however is a different scenario. The nearest Mc Donald’s is almost 2 hours away, THAT is remote. But I found a job here and the beaches are beautiful. The summers are supposedly nice and it rains in the winter. You don’t have to shovel snow. If it gets really bad for me because of how isolated it is, Victoria is a five-hour drive away and Vancouver is about six hours away. Win-win.

I made as stop in Vancouver, to eat (and drink). I keep hearing about all these good places in Vancouver from my colleagues who used to live there. I was there for three days and thoroughly enjoyed myself. I may have scoped out some restaurants I wouldn’t mind working in. More about the eating and drinking in Vancouver later.

The thing about Tofino is that, sure, there are very limited choices (in everything — restaurants, stores, entertainment) but most of them are very good. The corner store has organic bananas for crying out loud!!! Also, I love the beach. My walk to work cannot be beat, even on a high tide.

I know, this post doesn’t seem to make sense. I only seem to be telling a story, not the usual recipes or whatever have you of a food/travel blog. But I figured that instead of trying to write about all the stops I took to get to Tofino, including Tofino itself, I will write about them separately. This is kind of introduction. And maybe a test of a project I am working on.

If anyone needs me, I’m at the beach.





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