10 lbs less–ago in Paris and Rome.

View from Galleries Lafayette Rooftop

I was very fortunate this year (every year, actually, because I have awesome god parents) to be able to visit Paris and Rome. I have long dreamed to visit Europe. While I had made up a fantasy intinerary for an all out backpacking tour to all of my foodie destination cities. I also wasn’t going to say no to a free trip to Paris and Rome. So I went!

On the plane to Paris, all I had in my head and my little travel notebook was which restaurants to check out, what sites to check out, what to eat, and where to find vintage stores. All that pretty much went out the window all because I was travelling with a group who are picky eaters (we had pizza and pasta on our first night —  I was not impressed), and who mainly came to shop. I did get my 3 days of solo wandering in the city of lights! I also ate my weight in baguettes, cheese, macarons and crepes! Thus, having spoiled myself in carbs and sugar during my trip, I am now paying the price. LOL

Raclette Platter!!!
Nutella and Banana Crepe

Although I did not fall in love with Paris at first sight, I appreciated the beauty of the city and embraced the language barrier. And now I miss it, like an ache in my heart. It creeped up on me. And I miss it enough to keep going back. I learned a few words and phrases for me to get along and not get yelled at by anyone. First of all, smile and ask “Parlez vous Anglaise?” They respond better to you as supposed to just asking something in English.

Macaron Tower!!!
Baby, got lost and found Christian Loubotin!!!
Tour Eiffel!!!
Monalisa at the Louvre
Every architecture student’s dream…Versailles!
Versailles Jardins!
River Siene and Tour Eiffel
Voulez vous couc…nevermind.

Here are some French phrases I picked up on my trip…and if you’re obviously a foreigner they pretty much know what you mean. Ask nicely first if they will speak to you in English!

Bonjour! = Hello!
Bonjournèe! = Have a good day!
Merci beaucoup! = Thank you so much!
Pardon! = Sorry/Excuse me
Bonsoir! = Good evening!
Bonsoirèe! = Have a good evening!
Très bon!! = Very good!
Je ne parle pas Française, parlez vous Anglaise? = I do not speak French, do you speak English?
Uhmm…toilette? = This is me asking where the washroom is.
Une billet pour du jour en Paris, sil vous plait? = One ticket for a day in Paris, please?
Une crepe nutella et banane!!! – One nutella and banana crepe!!!
Raclette et charcuteries? = Cheese and meat?
Cafè au lait et croissant? = Breakfast!!!!
Vin, sil vous plait! = Wine, please?
Uhhh…metro? = This is me asking where the metro is.

I also noticed that when you say no to wine, the waitress/waiter kinda stares at you. I had lunch at Au Pied De Cochon near E. Dehillerin — the oldest kitchen supply store in the city, and when I asked if I wanted wine I said no. And the waitress did a double take and asked again…and then I said yes. I figured I was getting judged for not having wine with my beef tartare. So wine, I shall have.

Crepe stalls are in every turn of a corner at 5 euros each. So I had crepes in every corner. What’s a girl to do?? I also tried macarons in every bakery that sold macarons!!! LOL Sugar rush.

Raclette Set up
Not to be mistaken with PDC in Montreal.
Beef Tartare, Pomme Frites, Burgundy, Cafe Au Lait and Confiture De Porc — Who gives pork rilette with bread service?! Au Pied De Cochon…yes, I love this place. LOL




I also popped by Disneyland Paris…because I love Disney!!! And I promised myself to visit every Disneyland in the world. I already made the mistake of not going to Disneyworld when I lived in Florida. Nothing like to cap my visit to this city.

Ratatouille ride!!!
Sleeping Beauty’s Castle

I didn’t have very much time in Rome, it felt like a whirlwind. Like an overnight stay. I would love to go back to actually enjoy it more. All I can say is that I felt blessed and fortunate to have heard angelus with Pope Francesco, to actually set foot on St. Peter’s Square, to see all the ruins of my architecture past. Oh and also, Florence is crazy!!!!


Seeing the Colosseum was amazing, having studied architecture. It gave me goose bumps to be standing there with architectural feats! The cobblestone streets, although charming, actually hurts when you’re in a car. HAHA The gnocchi I had in Florence was delicious. And I probably bought gelato in every corner gelateria I came across. Whew.

Pope waving back!!!
Ruins chasing
Spanish Steps

Assisi has beautiful hanging meat…

IMG_3697 IMG_3698

And Florence is this crazy with the leather shopping…


It was a good trip. I will definitely be back. I will also write another entry about my meal at Le Dauphin.

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