Dinner For Levi.


On September 22, My chef rallied the BluntRoll Syndicate for a charity dinner at the restaurant for his charity the Janeway Hospital. It was an 8 course dinner, with each course prepared by each chef using local Newfoundland ingredients. It was my absolute pleasure to have been able to join the team of Raymond’s in general, I have been waiting to be part of this talented group for years. Can you imagine my delight when I learned that we will be working with 8 of Canada’s best chefs?!

Welcome Party at Mallard Cottage with the chefs who attended Roots, Rants and Roars!!! There is nothing like a bunch of chefs in a party! It’s always a time!!!

The day of the event we saw some moose coming in, plucked partridge’s for Chef Jesse Vergen’s course, cleaned sea urchin, watched Chef Antonio Park’s tuna demo, made moose boudin blanc with Chef Brandon Olsen, got a dumpling making demo from Chef  Dave Bohati.

Whoa, moose!!!!
Chef Antonio Park in a tuna demo.
That O-toro tho.
Sea urchin cleaning time!!!
Boudin blanc crankin’ time!!!
Staff Meal!!!!

After a toast and a small speech of gratitude from Chef Jeremy Charles, we ate our before service meal with a view!!!! And then we headed down for a night of fun and got ready for service!!!

Snacks by Jeremy Charles and Murray Mc Donald – Fogo Island Inn
Scallop and Caviar by Chef Jonathan Goodyear – Royal Canadian Yacht Club
Tuna, Whelk and Sea Urchin by Chef Antonio Park – Park Restaurant
Pork and Crab by Chef Dave Bohati – Market Restaurant
Smoked Cod and Pickles by Chefs Connie De Sousa and John Jackson – CHARCUT Roast House
Partridge and Mushrooms by Chef Jesse Vergen – Saint John Ale House and Smoking Pig BBQ
Rabbit and Moose by Chef Brandon Olsen – Bar Isabel
Parsnip and Honey by Chef Jeremy Charles and Crew – Raymonds

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