Magnum And Stein’s

Last Sunday after half a year of saying I will check out Magnum and Steins, I finally went ahead and sat at the bar with my foodie friend Jamie. Magnum’s kitchen headed by Chef Chris Chafe of the Top Chef Canada fame has a pretty good buzz from the foodie crowd. They do not have a tasting menu, which is shame. I would have thought that they would. We sat at the bar and we had the bar menu, which I had mistakenly assumed to be tapas. Oh boy, was I mistaken. LOL

We ordered the Asian Duck Confit Nachos, Spicy Beef and Tomato Tartar and Italian Arancini. They were not tapas portions. And for drinks, I had the Starburst — which is the bartender’s special, and the Green Apple Martini. It was good except I had a slight irritation with the pineapple juice, scratchy throat. Yes, I know I should never push my luck with my pineapple allergy. HAHA

Asian Duck Confit Nachos

The nachos, Jamie said she thought it looked bigger that she remembered. It was fried wanton wrappers, duck confit tossed in what tasted like a teriyaki sauce topped with what seems like coleslaw tossed in vinaigrette and sesame oil. I thought this dish was really, really good. It was a good way to use duck confit. The wonton wrappers was darker, could’ve been fried less. But I liked the flavours.

Spicy Beef And Tomato Tartar

I am not a big fan of eating raw meat. But I love the beef tartar at Raymond’s. I have to say Magnum’s take on the beef tartar was not bad. I thought the beef mixture itself was a little too hot considering the fact that it was accompanied with Dijon mustard. I had to keep taking swigs of my martini and water.

Italian Arancini

The arancini was ok. For those who are unaware, arancinis are breaded risotto balls that are deep-fried. Jaime, thought that the risotto was not cooked well enough. I found it ok. I don’t really care about arancinis all the much. I will opt for the Popcorn Chicken next time. 😛

Raspberry Creme Brûlée

And of course, the last but definitely not the least, dessert. I was so full, but I couldn’t leave without having dessert. I couldn’t. I wanted to try the toffee cake, but I thought, I would definitely throw up after eating that. So, I opted for the Raspberry Creme Brûlée and it was the perfect choice to end this meal! It was light, fruity and fresh. I had to cram that deliciousness in my mouth.

Overall, I really enjoyed my meal at Magnum and Steins. I will definitely come back! Our bartender was great. We went on a Sunday by the way so it was not that busy. Service was good, food was good. I have yet to sit down for an actual meal. 😀

For more information please visit their website:

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