Mallard Cottage Pop Up Event

Tuesday, December 4, 2012, was the first night of the Mallard Cottage pop up event, organized by the chef and owners (Todd Perrin and Stephen Lee) of the soon to open Mallard Cottage in Quidi Vidi Village in St. John’s Newfoundland. I was ecstatic to have secured two tickets to this event for me and my good friend Jamie Dart. We both love good food. I couldn’t have chosen a better person to share the night with.

Having just moved to St. John’s just over a year ago, it is the first time I experienced Chef Todd Perrin’s cuisine. I have heard a lot about him and his stint at Top Chef Canada, though I have not scene an episode of Top Chef Canada. From the dishes that we were served, Mallard Cottage is a promising foodie experience when it does open in the Spring 2013. I can’t wait!!!

We started the night with a brief tour and was greeted at the future Mallard Cottage,still under renovations. We were served with rum spiked hot chocolate and pretzels. The hot cocoa was light and the pretzels sitting by the fire had a wood fire flavor to it. Although, I wished that I had skipped the rum. LOL I am not big fan of rum. Jamie and I had agreed to have one of each of the menu so we could try everything. DUH.

The Starters:

The pork terrine was enjoyable. I loved the kick in the Juniper mustard. I should have saved some of my bread. I would have enjoyed it better with a crostini. Jamie, also liked the terrine she even enjoyed her pickled onions. LOL Jamie opted for the goat’s cheese terrine, and she loved it except for the molasses glaze. I liked the cheese terrine, even though I normally hate goat’s cheese. The molasses glazed rounded out the flavors of this dish. I am still thinking if I will order a plate on its own though.

Second Course:

I had the boudin blanc, and though it was good, I would’ve preferred some heat to the dish or some smoky flavor. The seared scallop was good! I let Jaime have that one. Although she gave me some to try. I loved the pork belly. I loved everything about that dish. I wish I had gotten the same. LOL

Third Course:

The pasta being handmade was a little tough than usual. But I love the rustic charm of anything handmade. It went well with the flavors of the lamb. The lamb was not as game-y as I had expected. Must be the local lamb. And even though I do not particularly enjoy lamb. I liked this dish. The sauce was subtle and does not overwhelm your palate.

Main Course.

I am not a big fan of salt cod or duck confit. BUT I loved both dishes!!! With their accompanying side dishes the flavours just all went together. Overall, this course was a success.


I LOVED THE GINGERBREAD PUDDING!!!! With the crunch of brown sugar on top and the eggnog ice cream that wasn’t too rich. Same goes for the home-made eggnog. I am not a big fan of eggnog because I had always found the ones I had previously too rich. But these ones were perfect.

Overall it was a good experience, I enjoyed the food. And I’m sure with the months of preparation to come the restaurant will be phenomenal. The highlight of the night really was that I met Chuck Hughes!!! 🙂

With Chuck Hughes!!!

For more information on Mallard Cottage follow @Mallard_Cottage on Twitter or visit

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